Mason County Knights Win $5,000 in Equipment from BRAX and USA Football

BRAX and partner, USA Football, were very pleased to co-promote a drawing to award one youth football organization a $5,000 donation featuring equipment from Riddell and Rawlings. Of the 7,000 organizations registered for the drawing, the winners were Mason County Knights Youth Football and Coach, Scott Stamm.

According to Coach Stamm, “Words can’t describe what it means to us to receive this equipment. The new safety rules state that helmets older than 10 years old must be retired and deemed unusable. We must follow those rules if we want to keep our players safe and that is our number one priority as Knights coaches. This donation from BRAX and USA Football will go a long way in helping us achieve that goal.”

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According to BRAX corporate relations representative, Wendy Rhodes, “Beyond the funds raised with our typical programs this type of promotion helps further support our customer organizations. Whether we offer added incentives or work with our partners to provide donations such as this, we’re happy to do it for the betterment of our youth sports community.”