Limited Edition Fall Fundraising Incentive Program

When school is back in session and fall sports start to gear up, that means it’s fundraising time! And nothing has the power to excite families about getting involved like the opportunity to earn high-end prizes, from the likes of Apple™ and Amazon™, just in time for the holidays!

Here’s How it Works:

    • Participants that sell at least 100 items will receive an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ tablet.
    • Participants that sell at least 50 items will receive an Apple iPod Shuffle.
    • Participants that sell at least 25 items will receive a $15 Amazon Gift Card.

To qualify, simply run a fundraiser this fall and submit your master order and incentives order form by Nov. 25, 2014. See abbreviated and full rules below for more information.

Fundraising prior to the holidays? Schedule your desired distribution date using our Estimated Shipping & Delivery Calculator.

Call 888-825-9339 or fill out the form below to request information and a FREE sample SpiritCup

“At kickoff, the kids were truly excited about the incentives. And then when the orders started coming in, I knew we had sold a lot. In the end, 8 kids won the prizes and we made $5,500! That was $1,500 over our fundraising goal!” – Ray Marsh Elementary

Fill out the form above or call 888-825-9339 to take advantage of this limited edition, high-end incentive program!

Abbreviated Rules:

    • To qualify, you must submit your master order by 12pm EST on Nov. 25, 2014 and full payment (not P.O.) must be received by Dec. 1, 2014.
    • Incentives are shipped separately from the master order.
    • Students/youth athletes are the only eligible participants.
    • Only one prize is awarded per participant.
    • Full payment (not P.O) must be received before incentives will be shipped (incentives ship 3-4 weeks from receipt of full payment).