Spring into Baseball and Softball Fundraising

baseball-92382_1280In 2014, BRAX Fundraising helped baseball and softball teams like yours raise almost $400,000 and with spring ball around the corner, 2015 is shaping up to be another very successful year.

  • Exclusive, 3D designs in all 30 MLB clubs, 32 NFL teams, over 100 top colleges and all five branches of the U.S. Military.
  • Original SpiritCups, on-the-go SpiritTravelCups and always favorite SpiritPopcorn
  • No upfront costs. Earn profits immediately by simply paying for the products you sell at the end of your fundraiser.

“It’s a proven program, the products sell themselves and the quality and designs encourage customers to buy all their favorite teams.” – Matthew P, Vienna Little League


Holton Youth Football

A great testimonial from a great youth football club in Kansas. Congrats on your recent championship win!

“After years of fundraising, we have found a solution that fits. Our team was introduced to Brax through our preseason coaches meeting. Thanks to the simplicity of the program, great product and great service, we have tripled all previous year’s fundraising profits for our teams’ program. Yes, tripled! We will continue using Brax moving forward and recommend it to any coach/program. Brax is a first class organization and is already working on ways to continue improving their services.” Brady Black – Holton Youth Football Coach

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BRAX Gives Back with The Miracle League

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.08.08 AMCamaraderie, confidence building and physical activity are just a few of the positive impacts organized sports have on the many boys, girls, men and women who play as part of a team. Unfortunately, however, those considered special-needs or disabled often sit on the sidelines. But thanks to organizations like The Miracle League of Wilmington, that’s beginning to change.

The Miracle League of Wilmington, North Carolina, located in BRAX Fundraising’s hometown, first changed the landscape for the region’s more than 80,000 persons classified as having a disability when they opened the gates to a fully accessible recreational park in August 2013. And BRAX Fundraising was instrumental in leading the campaign to raise two million dollars in funding for BRAX Stadium and Kiwanis Miracle Playground, which along with PPD Miracle Field comprise the park’s primary use structures.

On November 1, 2014, The Miracle League of Wilmington culminated their second successful season of Miracle League baseball, open to any person with a disability aged 4 to 99, including our honorable Wounded Warriors. Played at BRAX Stadium and PPD Miracle Field, a specialized field made of a flat, rubberized surface that allows players with wheelchairs, walkers and mobility devices to safely move from base-to-base, Miracle League baseball provides an exciting opportunity for many to play a team sport for the very first time.

To see and feel the impact this experience has had on our community’s disabled population, watch this heartwarming video.


NFL Extends BRAX Fundraising’s Drink Ware Exclusivity

dT7jy5XrcBRAX is very pleased to announce the National Football League (NFL) has once again awarded us exclusive rights to sell drink ware in the fundraising industry. So to excite your community about supporting your organization with the power and mass appeal of the NFL, look no further than BRAX Fundraising’s one-of-a-kind SpiritCups and SpiritTravelCups!

“NFL drink ware exclusivity in the fundraising industry is a privilege we’ve enjoyed for the past several years and we’re excited and honored to continue to represent the NFL in this capacity. It’s truly a pleasure to see first-hand how this powerful brand helps our customers raise the funds they need on an every day basis,” says partner, Pete Hexter.

Thank you to all our licensees, partners, customers and fans for your support!

Virginia Little League Gears Up for 5th Consecutive BRAX Home Run

Vienna Little League from Virginia is a big fan of BRAX Fundraising and for good reason. For four years in a row, they have profited over $7,000 from their BRAX fundraisers and can’t wait to get started with their fifth consecutive program this coming spring.

“We have had a successful BRAX fundraiser four seasons in a row selling over 1,000 products each year, resulting in over $7,000 annual profits. It’s a proven program, the products sell themselves and the quality and designs encourage customers to buy all their favorite teams. And, BRAX Customer Care is unmatched, helping at every step of the way. I would not hesitate to run the BRAX program again.” – Matthew P, Treasurer

Vienna-LL-Gate_102014 Vienna-LL-Field_102014

Holiday Gift Giving and Your Fundraising Shipment

HolidayThe holidays are right around the corner and we are fully aware that many organizations need to time the delivery of their fundraising shipment prior to holiday or winter break. So to help you coordinate your timeline, BRAX Fundraising has launched a new Estimated Shipping & Delivery Calculator.  Simply tell us your desired distribution date and we’ll help approximate when you need to have your final order and payment submitted to meet that deadline. Please note that this is only designed to help customers estimate shipping and delivery timelines. Please call Customer Care at 888-825-9339 to discuss shipping and delivery timelines specific to your fundraising program.


Leah Strong


Rivalries, winning, the game aside, the National Football League (NFL) is a community.  And at the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots game last Sunday, the men and women of that community proved that they can support one another in the most beautiful and heartwarming way…

Despite their usual team alliance, the New England Patriots’ cheerleaders surprised viewers wearing Devon Still’s jersey – the Cincinnati Bengals tackle recently added to the practice squad so he could still get the health insurance he needs to care for his four year old daughter who is suffering from a cancer known as neuroblastoma. As a community of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, the New England Patriots organization, and the rest of the NFL community, empathize with the Still family’s struggle. As seen below, Devon Still – a loving father and fellow football player – is most appreciative for their love and support.