Congrats TCYFL Cougars – Winners of the Football Equipment Giveaway!

Congrats to Heads Up Football participant Thurston County Youth Football League Cougars, winners of the 2014 Football Equipment Giveaway! With a community full of Seattle Seahawks fans, they loved our Super Bowl XLVIII Championship designs and can’t wait to put the $2,500 equipment grant toward helmet pad replacements and the “rip” tackling dummies used in Heads Up Football classes!

Hear is what TCYFL Cougars Franchise Head Coach, Jared Hubbard, had to say about his experience with BRAX…

“I discovered BRAX through USA Football and thought it was a great way to raise funds with very low administrative work for my Head Coaches. As Franchise Head Coach, I have 8 Head Coaches under me and although they understand the need for fundraising, it is not anyone’s favorite.

I spoke with my Sales Rep, Reed, and his advice and support were great throughout. He sent me the information pack and answered any questions I had right away. I devised a simple game plan for the product launch and away we went. For our area, having the Seahawks SB options available was a big hit. I ordered sample cups so our players could show potential customers what they would look like and let them know that if they sold four orders they could keep the cups. About a week into the presentation, Reed let me know he would give us a complete set of NFL cups to also use as an incentive. I gave that out to the highest seller who generated 19 orders!! It was very easy to setup and distribute the product once it arrived.

I will use a portion of the $2,500 to buy helmet pad replacement kits for some of our helmets. I am also going to order the “rip” tackling dummies they used at my Heads Up Football classes for all of our teams. I am 100% behind Heads Up Football and since I will be in my position as Franchise Head Coach for 4 more years (my youngest is 9), my coaches and I can impact a lot of young lives and change the game for the better.  

This was my first year as Franchise Head Coach and fundraising is always a challenge. I know the other 12 Franchise Head Coaches in our league and I plan on sharing my BRAX success with them. The product was a huge hit, and the ease of setup, team licensing and profit sharing plan ensure success!!”

Schools Get in the Spirit with BRAX Fundraising!

121514_School_02School communities love BRAX Fundraising’s exclusive designs in their favorite teams, and so do students, making BRAX both a fun and successful fundraiser!

Here is what one Virginia PTO President had to say about BRAX…

“BRAX was one of the top fundraisers for our school!  We love selling BRAX in the fall because it makes great Christmas gifts for family and friends.  I ordered a variety of cups for everyone – students, teachers and even bus drivers!  The kids went crazy over the cups – the girls LOVED the pink NFL cups and the boys loved their team and military cups. BRAX is a fundraiser everyone enjoys.”

BRAX Fundraising is the only program with the power and mass appeal of the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), all five branches of the U.S. Military and over 100 top college teams.

Click here or call 888-825-9339 to learn more about the 2015 BRAX Fundraising program!

Gym Fundraisers Win with BRAX Fundraising Advisors!

Sure we very much believe in the power and mass appeal of our SpiritCups and SpiritTravelCups exclusively licensed in America’s favorite teams, but the success of BRAX fundraisers is also attributed to our dedicated and experienced Fundraising Advisors. Here is what one happy gymnastics fundraising coordinator had to say about her experience with BRAX…

121614_Gymnastics“I have now used BRAX twice for two separate gymnastic fundraisers.  Both times I have had excellent customer service, answering every question I had and always putting my mind at ease. I have enjoyed using BRAX for the gymnasts’ fundraising needs – my experience has been fantastic – and I plan on using them again in the future.”
– Angie Folds, Cheyenne Gymnastics

When it comes to cheer, dance and gymnastics fundraisers, you simply can’t lose with BRAX’s Fundraising Advisors and exclusive, fan-favorite NFL, MLB and top college team designs!

Tis the Season to Give

Baseball SnowmanHomemade and from the heart, those are the best gifts. With the holidays around the corner, here are some great DIY ideas for the special people in your community like a cute baseball ornament for a coach or team mom and an apple stamped tote for a teacher.

For more gift giving ideas for the holidays and all year long, be sure to follow BRAX Fundraising on Pinterest.

Show Some Spirit for College Football Bowl Week

December 20, 2014 marks the start of college football Bowl Week and the BRAX Fundraising office is buzzing with anticipation. With exclusive designs in many of the competing colleges, BRAX has spirit – how about you?

Good luck – may the best teams win!



Introducing the New 2015 BRAX Programs

120314_Catalog_CupThe BRAX Fundraising program schools and youth sports organizations know and love has some noteworthy updates for 2015! The most exciting of which is a new lower price product – a single SpiritTravelCup, perfect for hot or cold drinks on-the-go, for only $10!

Organizations select between two distinct BRAX programs – SpiritCups & SpiritTravelCups or SpiritPopcorn – both featuring the power and mass appeal of America’s favorite teams. Regardless of the program, organizations earn up to 40% profit, can qualify for individual pre-pack and free shipping!

SpiritCups & SpiritPopcorn Program: Featuring 4-packs of SpiritCups, 2-packs of SpiritTravelCups, single SpiritTravelCups and FanPacks containing both SpiritCups and SpiritTravelCups. All officially licensed in 32 National Football League (NFL), 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) and over 100 top college teams, plus all five branches of the U.S. Military.

SpiritPopcorn Program: Featuring popcorn buckets imprinted with one of 32 National Football League (NFL) or 29 top college teams, plus five bags of gluten-free, microwavable popcorn and snap-on lids.

Call 888-825-9339 or click here to get started with the new 2015 BRAX Fundraising catalogs!


Columbia Youth Football League

The Columbia Youth Football League has profited almost $20,000 from BRAX Fundraising programs since 2011 and recommends other football leagues get on board as well!

“The Columbia Youth Football League (CYFL) has worked with BRAX Fundraising for the past several years and have been nothing short of impressed with the level of customer service and products that we have received. Fundraising plays an important role in our organization. The monies raised each year are used to replace equipment and purchase necessary organizational items. From the initial receipt of order forms through the distribution of the product, the BRAX representatives are very attentive and available. Great products, great customer service, great price and hassle-free…how a fundraiser should be! The BRAX products are a hit with our families year after year and they appreciate the variety of items offered. We would recommend BRAX Fundraising to any organization!” -Norma Jackson, CYFL Secretary/Fundraiser Chair.


Spring into Baseball and Softball Fundraising

baseball-92382_1280In 2014, BRAX Fundraising helped baseball and softball teams like yours raise almost $400,000 and with spring ball around the corner, 2015 is shaping up to be another very successful year.

  • Exclusive, 3D designs in all 30 MLB clubs, 32 NFL teams, over 100 top colleges and all five branches of the U.S. Military.
  • Original SpiritCups, on-the-go SpiritTravelCups and always favorite SpiritPopcorn
  • No upfront costs. Earn profits immediately by simply paying for the products you sell at the end of your fundraiser.

“It’s a proven program, the products sell themselves and the quality and designs encourage customers to buy all their favorite teams.” – Matthew P, Vienna Little League