Celebrating 10 Years with Pop Warner

Pop Warner 10 Years2015 marks BRAX Fundraising’s 10th year as preferred fundraising partner of Pop Warner, a non-profit representing youth football, cheer and dance programs in 42 states. BRAX profits raised by Pop Warner groups already exceed $2M and with so many exciting updates to our programs, this year is shaping up to be our best yet!

In addition to profits raised, BRAX Fundraising has proudly donated 250,000 cups for various Pop Warner events and $50,000 to All-American Scholars, Pop Warner athletes recognized as academically accomplished. “We have enjoyed working with Pop Warner football, cheer and dance teams over the last ten years, as well as getting involved with their national initiatives like the All-American Scholars program.  We’re looking forward to many more years and successful fundraisers together,” said Todd Elgart, BRAX Fundraising President.

Thank you for your partnership, Pop Warner!

Over 450 Reasons to Run a BRAX Fundraising Program

The BRAX Fundraising SpiritCups and SpiritTravelCups Catalog Program features over 450 officially licensed NFL, MLB, college and U.S. Military items meaning there is something for everyone in your school community!

  • Two price points – new $10 single SpiritTravelCup and $18.00 SpiritTravelCup and SpiritCup packs
  • The ONLY program featuring NFL cups and tumblers
  • Up to 40% profit
  • Opportunities for free shipping and individual pre-pack

To use the mass appeal of America’s favorite teams to fuel your next fundraiser, click here or call 888-825-9339. 

Batter Up for MLB Preseason

Phillies-SpiritCups-SpiritTravelCupsThe cold, dark winter ends this weekend for MLB fans with the Spartans vs. Phillies and the official start of spring training. So if you’re looking for a fundraiser to engage your community, the time is now to get started with a BRAX program.

  • Exclusive 3D designs in all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams
  • New SpiritCups Case Program – $5.00 “cash for cups” and guaranteed 40% profits
  • SpiritCups and SpiritTravelCups Catalog Program – featuring cups and travel tumblers with free shipping and individual pre-pack opportunities

BRAX Fundraising is the Original Cup Fundraiser™ and a baseball and softball favorite since 2005. In addition to MLB, BRAX offers all 32 National Football League (NFL) and over 100 top college teams, plus all five branches of the U.S. Military.

New OSU and Patriots Championship Collectibles


Excite the New England Patriots and Ohio State University football fans in your community with new Super Bowl XLIX and BCS Championship commemorative designs in both SpiritCups and SpiritTravelCups!

New Case Program featuring $5.00 SpiritCups – order now and get started in only 10 days and receive free shipping on all cases and guaranteed 40% profits!

New and improved Catalog Program featuring single SpiritTravelCups for only $10.00 and packs of SpiritTravelCups and SpiritCups for $18.00 – get started now with free shipping and individual pre-pack opportunities!


USA Football: Standardizing Safer Football

A favorite team sport among kids and young adults, unfortunately football can be dangerous when played incorrectly and with improper equipment. But that’s all changing thanks to our partner, USA Football, and their national initiative to make the game better and safer for all.

As football’s national governing body, USA Football has established a new standard with their Heads Up Football program that educates commissioners, coaches, officials, players and parents on safer football practices. Their areas of focus include equipment fitting, concussion recognition & awareness, heat & hydration and Heads Up Tackling. USA Football members have access to a wide range of educational resources including age-based certification courses that teach proper techniques based on physical and mental capabilities. Simply put, their efforts have the changed the game.

“At BRAX Fundraising, many of us are former and current football coaches or parents of football players. We work with football fundraising coordinators from across the country every single day to help them raise the money they need to run their teams, associations and leagues. Our partnership with USA Football is just another way we’ve chosen to support these youth football groups in hopes of helping promote the protection of young players,” said BRAX Fundraising President, Todd Elgart.

In addition to equipment giveaways and other youth football promotions, BRAX and USA Football, in conjunction with several NFL teams, will be announcing a series of unique fundraising opportunities this fall so stay tuned…

Five Fun Facts about Nicole

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce, Nicole Jackson, your new dedicated cheer, dance and gymnastics fundraising advisor! Now just for fun and to help you get acquainted, below are five facts about Nicole:

  1. It’s a given, but she can’t wait to help squads exceed their fundraising goals with the new 2015 BRAX Fundraising programs!
  2. She studied abroad in Australia and China while attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.
  3. One of her favorite hobbies is scuba diving.
  4. She has a 10-year old German Shepard named Ramsey.
  5. She’s originally from Binghamton, NY.

Now it’s your turn! Nicole is standing by to learn more about you and your fundraising needs and get you started with one of our programs featuring products in your community’s favorite NFL, MLB and top college teams!

Nicole Jackson | 888-825-9339 ext. 101


Fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis Cure

BEF-Seal-hi-res1For the more than 30,000 Americans affected by cystic fibrosis, a fatal genetic disease of the respiratory and digestive systems, a cure would mean more anything. So in support of this population, BRAX Fundraising proudly helps fund the cystic fibrosis fight as a partner in the Boomer Esiason Foundation.

In 1993, former NFL Quarterback, Boomer Esiason’s two-year old son, Gunner, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and shortly thereafter he formed a foundation to find a cure. As a friend to Boomer, BRAX Fundraising stepped in to help in 2005 and has since donated more than $300,000 to the cause with a portion of sales from SpiritCups.

“Boomer was instrumental in helping BRAX initially score Major League Baseball licensing when our company was founded 15 years ago, so we decided from the very beginning that we would support his mission to find a cure for his son’s disease with every fundraiser we run. The Boomer Esiason Foundation is truly a great organization that not only funds research, but also transplant grants and college scholarships for people living with cystic fibrosis and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part,” said Peter Hexter, BRAX Fundraising partner.

To learn more about the Boomer Esiason Foundation including how you can make a donation, click here.

$1,000 Back-to-School Bonus Winner!

Stafford Middle School, the smallest middle school in their Virginia county, was the lucky winner of our 2014 $1,000 Back-to-School Fall Fundraising Bonus and they couldn’t be more excited and thankful.

“WOW $1,000!  Stafford Middle PTO is thrilled to have won the 2014 BRAX Fall Sweepstakes.  Stafford Middle School is the smallest middle school in our county and that often presents challenges with programming and fundraisers.  For our school to have won out of all other schools and organizations in the country renews our hope that even the small guys can win.  Our sales representative, Suzanne Zolldan, was very helpful and fun.  Her assistance with our fundraiser definitely made a difference in sales. Thank you BRAX for providing this ‘spirited’ fundraiser opportunity and by offering this great sweepstakes!” – Janae Tschudi-Evatt, PTO President

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