The Time is Now for Fan-Based Fundraising

The weather may be cool, but the world of college and professional sports is HOT, HOT, HOT right now! Take a look at the current landscape and click here or call 888-825-9339 to get in on the hype with cool cups in everyone’s favorite NFL, NHL®, MLB and college teams!

  • Culmination of the College Football Playoffs last week (congrats Alabama Crimson Tide!)
  • NFL Playoffs (through January 24th)
  • NFL Super Bowl 50 on February 7th
  • Men’s College Basketball Regular Season (through March 6th)
  • NHL® Regular Season (through April 9th)
  • MLB Spring Training Games starting March 1st

Cheers to starting 2016 with a bang!


BRAX Teams Up with US Lacrosse

USLacrosse-BlogAt BRAX, we believe that every kid should have the opportunity to play his or her favorite sports. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited about a new program we’re piloting with the leading youth LAX organization, US Lacrosse. Focusing on their First Stick and Diversity & Inclusion programs, we’ll be helping US Lacrosse teams fundraise using the power and mass appeal of the NFL, NHL®, MLB and over 100 top colleges.

The First Stick program is designed to help new and developing youth (U19 and below) lacrosse teams get started by providing grant support like free and/or discounted resources. The Diversity & Inclusion program focuses on the development of lacrosse participation in underserved communities with grants like the Disability Access, Girls Initiative and Urban Outreach.

And now with support from BRAX, these hardworking and budding lacrosse teams can fundraise to help cover all their other costs.

US Lacrosse teams looking to get started, click here or call 888-825-9339.

Success Story: Wilmington IceHawks


It was so great working with this group and seeing first-hand how two of our newest features are boosting profits with youth sports organizations!

“Now with the addition of the NHL teams, our hockey organization jumped at the chance to run a BRAX fundraiser. And with direct online ordering, it was easy to reach out to family and friends that aren’t local.  I can’t say enough about this amazing product and helpful staff!  If you are looking for a great fundraising experience, choose BRAX!” – Stefanie Neal, Wilmington IceHawks


Better to Give than to Receive

From parents volunteering to help with a fundraiser to purchases made by friends, family and community members, fundraising is all about helping each other. In this same spirit, BRAX Fundraising is trying to do our part by lending a hand with some great local and national efforts. See below for links to learn more about how you can involved.

  1. NFL Pink SpiritCups benefiting A Crucial Catch and the importance of regular breast cancer screenings.
  2. “Cups for Kids” benefiting the Miracle League and the opportunity for children with disabilities to play baseball.
  3. “Cups for a Cure” benefiting the Boomer Esiason Foundation and the fight against cystic fibrosis.
  4. City Santa providing basic needs like warm coats and blankets to children in New York City domestic violence and homeless shelters.
  5. Hope for the Warriors providing support programs for service members, veterans and military families.
  6. Fuel Up Cups fundraisers helping Fuel Up to Play 60 teams make their schools healthier places – $2.3 million already raised and counting.
  7. Yearly scholarships to four deserving Pop Warner All-American Scholars – $50,000 already awarded to exemplary student-athletes.


Success Stories to Inspire…

“To make a difference” or to have a significant effect on a person or situation is a really important mantra for BRAX Fundraising. A company founded by two former youth coaches and parents, we know first-hand the sacrifices volunteers make to help their local sports teams and schools. And so it’s with appreciation for all that you do that we strive every day to help make a difference. Below are just two examples of the many groups we’ve been honored to help…

OsceolaOsceola Elementary School – “Thank you to BRAX for an outstanding fundraiser that everyone can get excited about! It sure makes the whole fundraising experience easier – we sold almost 4,000 sets of cups! Wow. Yahoo. As proud as I am of the kids, it is actually the parents’ responses to the fundraiser that warms my heart. You can’t imagine how wonderful it is when parents, teachers and recipients of the cups tell me how much they love them! The customer service combined with a great product makes the BRAX Fundraising program really shine!” – Valerie Johnston

HurricanesThe Hopewell Hurricanes Wow – what a wonderful fundraiser! I had purchased a pack of SpiritCups about a year ago and when the cups arrived I thought to myself, ‘I wish I would have ordered more,’ so when our all-star baseball team needed to raise some funds, I jumped all over BRAX Fundraising. I was a little worried with how successful it would be with only 12 boys, but the cups sold themselves! In just two weeks we were able to net $1,800 dollars. What a success and what a wonderful, organized company to work with. The Hopewell Hurricanes thank you and look forward to running another fundraiser in the future!” – Rebecca Blizzard

Five Lesser-Known Benefits of Team Sports

sports-teamIt’s common knowledge that playing sports is great for physical activity, self-esteem and teamwork, but have you ever thought about some of these lesser-known benefits? Just a few more reasons to encourage them to get in the game…

  1. Stronger Sense of Morality – all sports have rules and with a lot of emphasis on winning, breaking those rules or cheating can be tempting at times. Facing these challenges on the field or court helps to solidify the distinction between right and wrong, which is then applied to every day life.
  2. Greater Connection with School – Whether they’re playing for a school team or not, sports teach discipline, time management and other skills that help an athlete be successful in scholastics.
  3. Stress Relief – Childhood into adolescent and teen years can be a tough time, but the daily physical activity required by playing sports and the camaraderie with team members are both great outlets for any stress and aggression.
  4. Overcoming Adversity and Problem-Solving – Nursing an injury, conflict with a teammate or coach, poor sportsmanship from an opposing team, dealing with a loss, raising funds to cover travel and other costs – playing team sports encourages good problem-solving and recovery skills for any situation.


Give the Gift of Kindness

Give_the_Gift_of_KindessPerfect strangers, elderly neighbors and families less fortunate – help spread cheer this holiday season with acts of kindness. And remember to get your children involved so they too can experience the gift of giving and helping others.

  • Volunteer time at a local organization like an animal shelter
  • Fill out a comment card or provide a testimonial recognizing an individual for their hard work
  • Send a special note to a former teacher or other influencer in your life telling them how much they mean to you
  • Leave gifts or “thank you” notes for your mail and garbage service workers
  • Offer to do chores like shoveling snow, running errands or carrying groceries for an elderly neighbor
  • Visit with nursing home residents who don’t have family or friends nearby
  • Leave a generous tip and “Happy Holidays” note
  • Deliver “dinner” baskets containing everything you need to make a meal to families less fortunate
  • Find a family stocking up on groceries for the holidays and pay for their bill
  • Assemble “blessings” bags with basic toiletry items and things like socks and gloves and hand them out to the needy


New Fundraising Plays for 2016

New_Fundraising_Plays_2016Whether you’ve run the BRAX Fundraising program before or you’re new to the experience, you’re going to want to hear about these exciting updates for the 2016 fundraising season.

  • Over 480 fan-favorite designs including all MLB, NFL, over 100 top colleges teams and the U.S. Military plus…
  • New NHL designs!
  • Prices points for every budget – $10 single SpiritTravelCup, $18 4-pack of SpiritCups or 2-pack of SpiritTravelCups and $30 Fan Packs
  • – easy, profitable online fundraising using just email and social media. Orders are shipped directly to your supporters no matter where they live!
  • No hassle, mail-in order entry
  • Individual pre-pack and free shipping opportunities!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to request info and a free sample SpiritCup.